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Add rear-view camera to Canadian-spec Encore

While the rear view camera is standard on Encores in the U.S. due to government legislation, in Canada, a rear view camera is not even available. There isn't a kit either -- the install is fairly complicated and requires reflashing software.

A dealer (Orangeville, On) has already converted one Encore and has quoted me $477.00 plus tax. Says that software is there just needs to be programmed. I think he is using an aftermarket camera though. But he is going to cover it with the full 4 year warranty. Not ready to pay that much!
I am going to wait to see if the GM part will be available and do it myself.

I removed the rear trim to see if the camera wiring is present. NOT installed, but I think that the top wiring include the camera wiring, but I will check with the dealer. I think all the wiring you need is there.

The OEM camera for the Encore is the same part number as the OEM camera for the Chevrolet Equinox.
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