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Intermittent low fuel warning on startup

Re: 2019 Buick Encore Sport Touring, approx. 13k miles.

Car purchased in March, and still loving it. But there is one minor fluke which happens sporadically - but it seems to be a little more often lately: When starting the car, there'll sometimes be a quick four-chime sequence with the "low fuel" warning window. It disappears in a few seconds, before the gauges finish their little back and forth, then all is well. This happens with no rhyme or reason, and even when there's a full tank. It'll go days without happening, then - as with today - it's three times in a row.

I've never let it get so low as to pop the warning on its own (I'm one of those who rarely lets my gauge go lower than 1/4 tank, but anyway...). Otherwise, no false alarms while driving. Could this be a computer quirk corrected by a reflash? Or a hint of possible fuel system issues?
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